The Best Chest Workout

We’re going to focus on several areas of training: from strength, to power as well as hypertrophy and a few others you’d expect along with the best way to train adduction of the chest muscles


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7 Lectures



  • A pair of dumbbells.


Included are a few other exercises to emphasize adduction of the arm with dumbbells, which we know is a key function of the chest that doesn’t get hit with just bench press, pushups and dips. Also, a total body option that reinforces the mechanics of the thoracic spine that has carryover to other areas of our training as well.


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Jeff Cavaliere

Jeff was previously the head physical therapist of the New York Mets and now owns a hugely successful YouTube fitness channel. That channel, which is linked to his Athlean-X website, has a massive following of several million subscribers.